A cry of hope, of despair, a candid swan song… Both emotive and graphic, Invisible explores our flaws and weaknesses in an elusive tentative to free ourselves.

Invisible is a book about revolutions, about changes, and most of all, about us, the people, excessive, possessive, sluggish, shaky. A book to go toward the other, converse and exchange, learn and unlearn.

“[…] it is in the fractures and folds themselves–between propaganda and realism, between languages, between word and image, between times and places–that the invisible can be not so much seen as dimly perceived, viscerally sensed, irredeemably insurgent.”
— Jon Beasley-Murray

“A unique work of art.”
— Elen Gulham

2017 Outstanding Medalist “Freedom Fighter of the Year”
(Independent Publisher Book Awards)

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ISBN 978-0-9868440-2-7
Hardcover / 8×9′ / B&W / 192 pages
English / French / Spanish